Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review: 16 MEGA USB Web Cam PC Video Camera Webcam 16M Mic

Recently I started a new online TV show called Conundrums. In order to insure my weekly guests have a good working web cam we send them one if they need it. When creating the show I was in the market for a good inexpensive web camera that would be easy and simple for the guest to install and use.

Here is the cameras we purchased. It is the 16 MEGA USB Web Cam PC Video Camera Webcam 16M Mic available from Ebay. I own three and am about to purchase another because we keep these in transit from guest to guest.

First I'd like to say I'm very pleased with this camera, not only is it inexpensive but the picture quality is fantastic. I've seen a ton of crappy cameras and these are far superior.

The camera comes with a dial on the cable to increase or decrease the onboard lights, they work well in low light situations or if the subject needs more light on their face. the LED lights are very bright, in fact on full they can be blinding.

The 16 MEGA has a built in microphone and comes with a set of earbuds so the user has everything they need to use it. The sound is good and full with quality that is acceptable. Of course the mic is simple and would not replace a good expensive microphone but it works well.

It has a focus ring that will focus from a few inches in front of the camera to infinity. And the clip will attach to a thin monitor or sit flat on a larger CRT monitor. It has a long cable as well, about 4 feet. The fact that it is driverless and plug-and-play makes it easy to set up. The 16 MEGA will work with PC's and MACs. Just jack it in and it's ready to go, nothing to install.

The image quality is very nice!

Here are the specs for this camera:

* General Features:
* 16.0 Mega pixel HD Digital Camera
* 5.0 Mega high-speed 1/4 CMOS sensor
* Resolution: 16.0 M Pixels RGB
* Dynamic : 2560 x 1920 (5.0M) Mega pixels
* Static : 4608 x 3456 (16.0M) Mega pixels
* High-quality 5-glass lens
* Transmission Rate: 640x480
* 35 frame / sec (VGA)
* Focus Range: 3 cm (1.18-inches) - infinity
* 68 degree Ultra wide field of view
* Video Format: 24-bit RGB
* Automatic white balance
* Automatic color compensated
* Manual focus
* Driverless, Plug and Play
* Built-in Mic
* 3-LED night vision, with switch
* USB 2.0 interface (5.7-foot cable), Backwards compatible with USB 1 & 1.1
* 360 degrees of Motion
* Flexible camera base/monitor clip ,Mountable on notebook and LCD monitor
* Stylish design

* Product Requirements:
* PC or laptop with USB port
* Pentium 200 or higher CPU

For the price, this is a steal! I have several of these cameras. I did receive one from the Ebay seller that was a different brand and the microphone didn't work. I emailed the seller in the morning and by that afternoon a replacement was in the mail for me. So I was very pleased with the performance of the camera and their fast response to my need for a replacement. They were very quick to respond to my email and ship another, this seller is good as gold!

If you are in the market for an inexpensive web camera and you want quality, check out this little gem. It's a great Web camera for Skype, IM systems and general use!
This is a good deal for under $15.00!

Conundrums Link.

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Bill said...

defintely a great find, I picked one up for the Premiere episode of Conundrums and it worked great!