Thursday, September 6, 2012

Awesomely Ambitious! "1001 Video Tips"

Awesomely Ambitious!
1001 Video Tips

We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, with hundreds of professional, experienced Independent Professional Video Services Providers from around the world sharing and offering tips and suggestions for improving our video production skills or making our jobs easier. Tips and tricks of the trade. Insider knowledge that if we didn’t have to look all over the place for it or spend a few hours searching for the right term on Google to find it, we could be using this information today! Right now!

Well, here it comes!

“1001 Video Tips” will feature secret, not-so-secret, unique, unusual, remarkably simple or somewhat complex ideas and actions that professionals and amateurs in the video industry use EVERY DAY to make their jobs easier or better. This book will organize a treasure trove of information into logical collections, under specific groupings and headings to help facilitate finding just the right bit of information you need to make your current project one degree, or a hundred degrees, easier, smarter, better.

And, you ask, what is so “awesomely ambitious” about this? It’s getting the interest, involvement, enthusiasm and participation of the hundreds of video enthusiasts OUT THERE to make “1001 Video Tips” possible. I’m willing to do the work, organize the content, compile the information, categorize the contributions, create the mechanicals and publish the eBook, PDF and printed versions of the results. As you can see by the working title, we’re aiming for “1001 Video Tips” and this could prove to be a massive undertaking.

Sure, it would be equally awesome if everybody from Steve Moses of Southern California, to Bill Mecca of New Jersey with his Video QuickTips, popular blogger and video producer Jay Michael Long of Mississippi, Luis O. Maymi of Puerto Rico with his ongoing e-mail video marketing campaign strategies and simple blue screen tutorials, all the folks from the popular FB groups such as Wedding Cinema, The Frugal Filmmaker, Final Cut Pro X for Event Cinematographers, the Video Editing Cubicle and the myriad video-based forums on the Internet, got onboard with this, each contributing one or more “tips” for inclusion in “1001 Video Tips” ... we could easily hit that number, easily representing 1,001 or more members of the unique world of independent video production.

With the help of Jay, offering to present this as a guest blog on “In the Viewfinder” and the individuals and groups mentioned above, their friends and associates in professional videographers associations around the world, “1001 Video Tips” could reflect the influence of the many, many video enthusiasts who enjoy making video for personal pleasure or profit ... those just starting out or even many of us who have been “in the trenches since day one.” Not a day passes that I don’t learn something from Rick Smith, Nishi Dias, Steve Doc Yankee, Pamela Sprys Dahlgren, Natalie Forbes Neal, Tony Bondi, Wes Moore, Ed Wardyga (remember Gadget Man?), Artis White,  David Lai, Dan O’Hara, Bruce Paul, Ron Priest, Tom Alan Mitchell ... the list is infinite!

Enough of the name dropping. The “strategy” is to get at least one serious TIP from each of these individuals and as many as a thousand more, compile them into a solid reference and resource publication and offer it at a ridiculously low price to EVERY video enthusiast on the planet.

The popularity and success of this production is guaranteed, insured by the anticipated huge number of contributions, the good will of a WORLD of video professionals and enthusiasts who are more than happy to offer something unique to “1001 Video Tips” and in turn receive a downloadable PDF of the results, plus recognition for their unique contributions, a headshot photo and brief bio so readers know who they are in the industry, and their website if desired. This will be a massive viral experience! How?


I have the personal experience of organizing, writing, designing, publishing and marketing a number of video-related publications in print as well as ePub formats. I have succeeded in having publications listed not only at Lulu Dot Com, but iTunes’ iBookstore and Barnes and Noble’s Nook bookstore on the Internet. I will soon have a presence on Amazon as well. In addition, “1001 Video Tips” will have its own website presence. All of you who contribute and participate will have a photo/bio listing there as well.

In addition to all this, if each and every contributor also uses his/her social sites, blogs and PVN connections to mention “1001 Video Tips” even only once, the exposure will be astronomical and overwhelmingly viral.
A video book trailer will be created as well.

Your participation in the creation of “1001 Video Tips” will gain you recognition, establish branding for your business, products and services, and probably open doors that you didn’t even know existed.

What’s in it for You?
Recognition. A PDF copy of the finished publication. Unique discount pricing on the print publication ONLY for participants/contributors. And, depending on the overall success of the viral marketing strategies, special recognition on the “1001 Video Tips” blog site from voters and participants who give the nod to The Most Unique Tip, The Most Unusual Tip, The Least Expensive Tip and a host of other titles that you all will suggest over time as you participate in the blog content.

The blog will feature expansion on certain tips, offer readers an opportunity to enhance, add to or even share new approaches to the “1001 Video Tips” in the publication. This interactive environment will be beneficial to all of us who participate in the publication of “1001 Video Tips”!
A portion of revenues will be applied to acquiring software, hardware or even the components for implementing various “tips” in the book with random award drawings.


Categories can be expanded, based on what comes in but essentially topics will include: Lighting, Audio, Do-It-Yourself, Gadgets, Safety, Production, Editing Tips, Backup Tricks, Archiving, Creating Your Own Music. I am open to suggestions and input regarding all possible categories.
Keep in mind that the focus of “1001 Video Tips” is primarily on simple, unique or easy-to-implement “tips” that make the everyday production work in a videographer’s life just a wee bit easier, smarter, more efficient or less stressful.

Tips probably should mostly range in the 500-to-900 word range, but there’s nothing that says a good, solid tip needing extra special information couldn’t be longer or more involved. The contribution of self-generated images representing your “tips” contributions and a release to use not only your tip and images, but your image and bio information is suggested. I can and will provide a form if you want/need one, or a simple statement given along with your submission would suffice.

Once the interest is evident and the tips begin coming in, I can begin organizing and categorizing, eventually formatting the layout. When the initial goal of 1,001 tips is reached I will provide all contributors with a working outline of the content and ask for input regarding that. Dropbox could be utilized to facilitate materials and progress reports.

What’s the Timeline?
We’re going to keep this project loose and by that I mean while I would like a deadline of, say, 90 days, taking this to December, with the plan to have a finished publication ready to offer first quarter 2013, for now I’m not implementing a HARD deadline.

The more complete your contributions are, the faster this will come to fruition and result in a publication we all can be proud of. So, have your tip, support graphics or image(s), brief personal/business bio and headshot all ready to submit at the same time. Initially, anyone interested may e-mail me at This may very quickly evolve into a Dropbox file folder where your e-mail query will result in getting access to upload your materials for inclusion in “1001 Video Tips”.

THANKS, JAY, for offering space on your blog for this “guest” blog post.
Earl Chessher, Video StoryTellers!™

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CorElAnn said...

Will be interesting to see what happens, Jay, when this information starts spreading around on the forums and social sites. Could be totally awesome. Thanks again, Earl.