Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill Mecca's Quick Tips

I have had the pleasure of being friends with many videographers in the industry, and close friends to a few. Bill Mecca is one of the few. Bill is the owner of Mecca Video Productions and maintains a blog at There you will find his new series, "Quick Tips!"

Quick Tips is a short program that aims to help you create more professional videos. He delivers clear and concise information that will enhance your video production. The show is for beginners and seasoned professionals as well. Episodes include Free Motion Graphics, Dealing with Plosives, Sound Treatment, Composition, Lighting & more! You'll find a new episode each week, and you can catch the show via, the Sunimi channel via Roku, and on his great blog!

Bill has 29 years in the media. Television and radio news, video production, voiceover, audio recording, just about anything, he's done it and done it well. Your getting professional advice from a pro with plenty of experience. So do yourself a favor and bookmark his site. Visit it each week for a new episode of Quick Tips and learn from the best.

Here are a few episodes of QT, enjoy and check out Bill on LinkedIn as well.

Episode 5:

Episode 8:

And catch a half hour interview with Bill Mecca on my show, Conundrums:

Bill Mecca: Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/Narrator of documentaries; training, educational and promotional videos. On-camera host in television; voice-overs for television, radio, video; Singer and saxophonist.

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