Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tools To Get Great Shots!

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Just owning a camcorder and some editing software is a good start for becoming a video master, however there are many products on the market that can give you great steady shots and make your videos better to watch. Above is a video featuring some of the essentials you may want to have in your growing video arsenal.

The VHF wireless microphone, $79.95, is from DAK Industries. You can find it here, just scroll down to the Camcorder & Laptop computer system. Look for the NADY 151 VR/LT wireless combo with the lavalier transmitter and portable receiver. Great sound is essential to good video.

The Targus Grypton Tripod can be found at Target Stores or ordered online. It retails for under $20.00 and is on sale as I write this blog. This unit will hold up to a 2lb camcorder or camera. With it's flexible legs and movable landing pads plus the quick release head, this is a good buy for steady shots anywhere.

The Shoulder Shooter Camcorder Support system, $59.95, is available from With the shooter you can get near tripod steadiness while holding your camcorder. Good when you need mobility and flexability while shooting. Plus it takes the fatigue off your wrist from the weight of the camcorder. With the Shoulder Shooter you can move and shoot with ease.

The Targus Monopod is available from for $16.00. A monopod is excellent for mobility and can be used for simple crane type shots as well as a quick steady camera platform. A monopod is well suited when you don't want to carry a huge and heavy tripod. Though not as versatile as a shoulder mount it will give you good support.

As you grow into videography you may want to consider these "essential" items for your video arsenal. Each unit has it's own advantages and having them all or most of them will give you plenty of choices when shooting your productions. Of course you don't need to get them all at once. But as you get a feel for your video shooting style you will find the products that best suit your way of shooting.

From the most basic family video to full blown professional productions, tools such as the above will set you apart from everyone else with a camcorder. And along with your talent and creativity you will be on your way to making videos that people love to watch and you enjoy making!



NilmaBostonRio said...

Great advice about the wireless combo with the lavalier mic!
I'm looking to buy a monopod.

Thank You, Jay Michael.

by Nilma Boston Rio

Eric said...

Great idea for the monopod. Just the other day Kim was bitching about my recording of my daughter's band concert. I have to admit, it looked like I had way too much caffeine with my 2 pounds of jellybeans. I hate lugging a tripod around at school functions. I'd feel like a dork taking up the middle of the aisle. Thanks Jay