Thursday, October 15, 2009


A monopod is a great way to get a steady shot without having to lug a full size tripod around. Some models are so cheap there isn't much reason not to own one.

From inexpensive models at Walmart running as low as $14.95 to more durable and pricey versions with more features for over $200.00, a monopd is a great tool in your video arsenal.

If you need to move around when shooting the monopod will become your best friend! Lightweight and easy to deploy this single pole stand can easily be turned, tilted and steadied for great shots on the go.

Some brands even have a small tripod on the bottom that either extends out or attaches so you can walk away from the camera without having to lay it down, or remove the camera. Most will be a single pole.

Some monopods have heads like a tripod for more flexibility and a few will extend to well over your head allowing you to get great shots from above. With a little practice you can even get shots that look like they were taken from a crane. Basic steady camera shots are possible too with practice. With the leg of the monopod extended you will lower the center of gravity on your camera allowing you to balance it for fluid moving shots. (See the video below)

If you don't already have one you may want to put a monopod on your list of must-have tools. For small camcorders the inexpensive models will work as well as the expensive ones, though you will have less features. Consider the weight of your camcorder, how much abuse you think you will inflict on it and whatever features you want when you go shopping for a monopod.

Here is a Utube video from matthewgore0731 demonstrating a monopod:

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Earl Chessher said...

Good, solid, basic information and a useful clip link to boot. Jay, you continue to offer GREAT information for people doing video - pro or otherwise.
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