Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Started In Videography

You've been reading web sites on making videos and now you are ready to take the plunge. But all that technical stuff is scary? There are many ways to ease into making great videos. On your PC you will find Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. It's a good start but in time you may want more power and abilities. Or you may want more of different effects and transitions to spice up your movies.

Perhaps you don't want to learn it all, just enough to get by and make something dazzling. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get started. There are simple video editing programs on the market that are fun and quick to learn. Such as Video Easy from MAGIX. This little program will have you editing your clips together in only a few minutes. It runs for around $39.00

After you get your feet wet with Video Easy, migrating to a larger system with tons more power will be fast and intuitive. Yes there will be more to learn but by now you are half way there. A few simple videos under your belt will help you gain confidence before diving into larger and more complicated productions.

At this point you are ready for something more powerful and professional. The same company that makes Video Easy (MAGIX) also makes a full line of editors and they all work from the same engine. As you learn one you can transition to another quickly. They all follow the same intutive progression upwards along the learning curve.

Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus is a smaller version of their professional editor, Video Pro X. Unlike VPX which retails for about $300.00, the junior version Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus has much of the same power but a lighter price tag, currently running for about $70.00.

Getting into making videos is not as hard as you may think. Yes there are some things to learn as you grow into it. For most people the belief that it is expensive and hard to do is the thing that keeps them from enjoying this hobby. That should not stop you. For a beginner all you really need is a camcorder and some editing software. You probably already have a DVD burner and the computer. Don't want to spend any money? Here is a list of FREE editors.

When you start out don't fret if you think your videos are not up to Spielbergs level. It's okay to make whatever you want! In most cases the software will help you with the dazzle, just concentrate on the arrangement. Tell a little story. Your friends and family will love it!

So what are you waiting for? Making videos can be a fun & exciting hobby, but don't be surprised if the boss asks you to make them a company video or something for profit. It happens. When people learn you can do it they will ask. Just smile and absorb the accolades for your new found talent. :-D

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