Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Using NING to enhance your videos (Part Three)

In this final update to my three part series, "Using Ning to enhance your videos" we will show you how you can set up your NING site to match your current web site. You could even use it as your main site if you wish. It's like owning your own Myspace or Facebook type site that you control, under the umbrella of your company or business!

Covered in this episode;

* Adding a header image
* Arranging your Main Page
* Adding features to your site
* Designing tabs and sub tabs
* Adding your own html & pages

I hope this series helps you get started using and developing your Ning community. These Ning communities have a ton of potential not only as a social site but also as a video distribution place and marketing point for your business or organization. Imagine having a place your clients, customer, or fans can interact with you and each other!

Some possible uses include a Movie release community for fans of your titles,
Marketing site for information (videos) of your knowledge.
A community attached to your company for customers.
A viral marketing site.
A product promotions and commercial site.
A tech support forum with tutorials.
A place to feature video you produced.
Realtors or automotive site featuring reviews of products and video tours.
Or any variation of the above. How could you use your own 'community' to help your business?

Enjoy Part Three and go play around with the controls of your new online community! Then watch your business grow!

Check out the all new community, In The Viewfinder
Select the Full Screen option to watch a larger version so you can see me design the site better.

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