Friday, July 3, 2009

Using NING to enhance your videos (Part Two)

In this tutorial I will go over some of things in Manage within your new Ning site. We will;

* Set up network images
* Set up Administrator control features/restrictions
* Set up RSS feed from Blogger
* Set up feature controls
* Quick overview of changing colors/header.

Next time we will work on the Main Page and show you how you can add tons of stuff and utilize the site, and make it look or match your web site or blog. And things you can do to draw attention to your network.

I recorded this video just sitting here on my laptop. This isn't slick & polished. Just me doing the above and talking to you as I make changes.
I hope you enjoy it and it helps you set up your Ning site. ;-) (NING)

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1 comment:

bill said...

great stuff J. I set one up and used it for the latest video on my website.