Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In The Viewfinder Community Network

Recently I produced a three part series on How To Use NING To Enhance Your Videos and web site. To produce that series I created a Ning site for In The Viewfinder in order to show you the things you can do to develop a Ning site as a companion to your web site.
Seems a shame to just delete it or let it sit there, so You are invited to join it!
You can visit the site and join here.

Honestly I have no idea what I may develop that site into at this point. I've considered using it just as a place to put my videos so I can embed them here on my blog. I've thought about putting all my resources there and developing it into a community for my readers. And I've even entertained the idea of using it as a network to showcase video or SIV titles my readers produce. Maybe I'll use it for all of the above?

I had no intention of making an extension to this blog, but after developing it for that three part series it seemed a shame to just delete it. The series is over but the site is still useful. As I sit here and ponder what I want to do with it I see much potential. I'm sure some of you have already developed your own NING communities and are working on them to enhance your efforts too.

So I am opening the doors to the site for readers of my blog to join and enjoy the resources I put there. This community it open to anyone who has a passion for video. No matter what camera, editing software, or tools you use. It's free. In time I'm sure I will change the graphics and rearrange the site a bit but it will be a place for you and me to enjoy. I will use it as a video dump site and a place to promote my Special Interest titles and you can do the same. I may put things there not found here. Perhaps it will grow into a community of producers? We will see.

Unlike other web sites by producers In The Viewfinder is more of a blog and resource for you guys. I post interesting finds for video enthusiasts and occasionally I may toot my own horn about a project I'm working on. I post tutorials here and a few ads to pay for the place. But other than that I'm not trying to sell you something. I have other sites for my sales. I view ITV as more of a personal blog. So the Ning site will likely be an extension of that and a place to post videos, photos and files. For you it is a place to get resources and interact with other producers.

I welcome your blogs over there and your video uploads. I like to see what others are doing and share ideas and information so that Ning site will come in handy. Honestly I have no idea if you would even want to join it. But it is there should you decide to.

There are many things I can do there that I cannot do here. I'm disappointed in how Blogger has not developed their blog portal to have more features. I can add pages, rearrange the site better and get cleaner video & photo uploads. I can offer more. I like to have more options! ;-D

So lets kick this puppy out there and see what happens! If you want to visit or join be my guest. Perhaps one day it will grow into a huge community of people like me. hehehehe


Bill Mecca said...

so are you going to move things over there or try juggling even more?

I set up a site over there to host video (based on your suggestion) and am thinking about doing more, but with two blogs that I already can't seem to keep up with I don't know. Sometimes I just feel spread too thin with all the on-line forums, communities etc.

bear skins and stone knives have their appeal at times like these.

Jay Michael said...

LOL. I considered moving the whole kit & caboodle over there. Mainly because I like the ability to design it better than here. But I dunno. Once set up those sites are very easy to maintain. Mainly it will be a video dump site though.
I am toying with having several writers there who can contribute. Each with their own specialty. But I doubt I will have any takers.
In the meantime it's just there to see what happens. ;-)