Friday, October 10, 2008

Phoenix Clips

It began several months ago. Brian Robart and I discussed creating an all-in-one place to get stock footage, royalty free music, graphics, elements and software. A one-stop shop for the videographer. We wanted it to not only be affordable but also open to other producers to market their footage. It was then that Phoenix Clips was born!

We started working on this site and adding footage, photographs and music. As it grew we added software, royalty free music and music with lyrics! Then we expanded and included graphics and backgrounds. Now Phoenix Clips is ready to launch!

This is a haven for the videographer! You can select from a multitude of stock footage clips, over 200 total clips are ready for download now and more on the way! Both HD & SD. You can purchase instrumental royalty free music and whole songs for your productions, with lyrics!

Beautiful high definition footage and backgrounds. Standard def clips too. Plus teleprompter software, editors, photos for print or video and animations. You'll find transition masks and mattes too. And we are adding more daily!

At Phoenixclips you can demo each clip in it's entirety to insure it's what you want. You can download and purchase only one clip or an entire set. And you can use all of the content royalty free in your productions. We have photographs spanning the world for print or video use too, animations for your titles and graphic elements. Mattes and transition elements as well!

But that's not all. If you produce stock footage, music or graphic elements you can partner with Phoenix clips to sell your artistry! We offer a 70% royalty to producers! Yes, you get 70% of your sales. No other company offers you that much commission! The most out there is 50%! If you partner with us you receive not only your commission but you can also get a percentage of all sales within the company after meeting a content quota. The more you produce, the more you make, and you still start out making more than anywhere else!

We are adding content daily. New stock footage, more photographs, more music and graphics and more software is ready to go online now. Bookmark the web site and watch it closely as we add new materials. We are working hard to get it all on the site for you to see!

Phoenix Clips is here to provide you, the video producer, a wealth of resources to work with and provide you an outlet to sell your own footage too! We want to make Phoenix Clips the best so we are working with the best to provide quality clips and content plus make it affordable for all levels of production!

We also offer a free section of clips you can download and use to test drive our quality! Just sign up and grab all you need! Use them royalty free in your next video!

Need a specific clip you can't get yourself? We have professional videographers available too and we can produce or shoot per your script. Contact Phoenixclips for details. Now you can unleash your talent and potential with Phoenix Clips, visit the web site today!
The video below features one of the many songs with lyrics we have plus stock footage, animations and more!


Kim said...

Hi Jay! I added the Following widget to my blog. Thanks so much for your interest!

Owen McGoogie said...

Congratulations! Glad to see the site take off, best of luck to you guys!