Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Acid Fonts

Titling a movie can be a challenge if all you have is the fonts that came with Windows™. I found this site a long time ago and it is stuffed full of FREE fonts. Just cruise over to ACIDFONTS and download all you want!

The cool thing about Acidfonts, besides being free is that there is a font for just about any theme. At the top of the page you will see the alphabet. A,B,C, etc. Just click on a letter and all the fonts are there arranged in alphabetical order by name. At the bottom of the list of fonts you will see 1,2,3,4, etc. That will take you to the various pages of fonts under the letter you selected. The list will show the name, and what the font looks like. So it's easy to pick a cool font.

Just download, unzip the font and install it from control panel in Windows™. It's that easy! You'll find a font for any video project you work on, from Action - Adventure to Handwriting. After you install the font you can use it in your titler! Title over video or make cool 3D fonts!

Speaking of 3D fonts, you can make some free on the site. At the bottom of the main page is the XARA3D Sampler. Type in your text, set it to the color and size you want, plus the type of 3D angle and it will generate the text in 3D for you in a pop-up! Use it in your next video!
Have fun!

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