Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mastering Movie Edit Pro on DVD!

It's here! Mastering Movie Edit Pro is now available on DVD! I gotta tell ya, I'm proud to offer this program on DVD. It has added content and a revised Overview of the software plus tons of information about the program and using it. It took some time to get this ready. Just going from small web clips to a larger format was a leap. But I got it, and its available now. Click here to purchase!

There are 14 chapters on the DVD, all with information on using Movie Edit Pro. I also added shows not on the net, so you get extra stuff too! From the basics to key framing, mattes and transitions, it's all there!
There is a long process to publishing a DVD so it took some time to get the show out. A ton of work went into producing it, not only the episodes themselves, but getting it ready for DVD release too. I hope you enjoy it!

I would also like to take a moment to say Thank you everyone who has supported the show and sent me emails and comments on how it has helped you! That really means a lot to me! And to those who encouraged me to put them out on DVD. You guys and gals are the best! I appreciate the positive feedback and encouragement. I probably would never have done it without your support.

Movie Edit Pro is a great software package! These tutorials should help you learn it and make it even better for you. I just wish a DVD would hold all the info and tips I know and I could share them all with you. Perhaps a volume two will come? We will see.

This DVD along with Movie Edit Pro 14+ can make you a better user of the software. It is my sincere hope you get something out of it and it helps you get creative and make great videos!
Here is what some folks have said about the show...

I have really learned a lot from each of your tutorials and I always look forward to more. In the Viewfinder is at the top of my favorites list. Keep up the great work and Thank You! -Tim

Wow! Thank You. -N.B

Just here to say i love the show. Very informative! -JJ

ROCKS!!!!! -Anonymous

Awesome! Well done, and the intro was a blast. Verrrry funny stuff dude. :D
Wonderful episode.

Very nice video! It's a good start to introduce the different aspects of MEP 14+ before you dive into them. I can't wait for the follow up vids!

I used to be a MEP12 user and now upgraded to MEP14. I am really happy that I found your blog and learning a lot from your tutorials. -K

Excellent. -S

Wow! -N.B.R

Hi.. to anyone reading this forum... Aspyrider was right! I downloaded MAGIX MOVIE EDIT 14 PLUS and it's a hundred times better than PINNACLE!

Hi, First I want to say thank you for all the great information you provide for us newbies to Video editing... -Anonymous

Hi, I found this site by accident and was really impressed with the Magix tutorials, in fact they have inspired me to buy the software. I have Premiere CS3 but the learning curve is a bit steep and lengthy. Well done and thanks for the tutorials ..... when can we expect some more.

Magix movie edit pro software have high quality edit functions and many more... Love to use it... -L

Because of you I tried the demo version and bought the full version. Thanks! -R

I have watched all of your "programs"/tutorials and have learned a lot. Keep up the good work. I just got my copy of MEP 14+ largely because of your posts... -BA

Comments taken from the comments section and emails.


ira said...

hi jay michael
this is photo algae/johnny cash

I noticed you're using createspace.com -- how's that working out? (I guess ok or else you still wouldn't be using it, right?)

I started to register on createspace (because I'm interested in alternative distribution for my fiction writing) but I started to worry that registering might limit my creative/legal options in some way (???), so I skipped out of there.

Is createspace actually owned by amazon, or are they 2 separate companies working in tandem on specific products ?

Jay Michael said...

Createspace is a Amazon company, owned by them. When you publish with them you keep the rights to your materials. They are a distribution company and since they are owned by Amazon, Amazon is one of their outlets. Their own stores are the other.