Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lower Thirds & Title Bars

In the video industry Lower Thirds are used as a way to identify the person or object on the screen. Looking around for a few places to pick up some freebies I found these:



Free Clip: http://www.12inchdesign.com/trial_clip/demo_lic.html

And I made a few for you too, these are static lower thirds without animation. You can title over the bar and make a nice lower third for your project. Just green screen them! Key out the green and place them over your video. Click on the image below to get a larger version, then right-click on the larger version and "Save Image As". Save 'em on your computer and keep them somewhere you can find them within your NLE!
They are 720x480 100-dpi so they should look good on video. Free for your personal use.
Have fun!



Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Wow! It's my first time here on your blog Jay! This is very informative! Very much indeed! I've learned a new thing today! Lower thirds!

Thanks for passing by my blog. I've been trying to place the "follow this blog" feature. Hope to see you again soon and see my new enchanted post!

God bless you and Mabuhay from the Philippines!


Tony said...

Hi Jay,
Great video of flying through the clouds. I noticed you appeared on my followers list so thought I'd pay you a visit.
Cheers from Tasmania