Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stock Footage: New Release: Available NOW!

These past few weeks I've been preparing three great new products for sale. I have just released three stock footage volumes! These have been in the making for about a year, collecting video, preparing the clips and designing the volumes. But I'm happy to say they are now ready and are appearing on my EBay Store now!

There are three volumes, "Mississippi River", "Southern Life", and "Animals". Each one with a specific theme. The clips range from 10 to 40 seconds with most falling between 15 and 20 seconds.

• Volume One, "Mississippi River" is shots taken of the Mississippi river, barges, boats, steamboat casino, river bridge and tugboats. It will be perfect for historic reenactments or river commerce. This volume contains Bonus time lapse footage too!

• Volume Two, "Southern Life" is shots of a southern church, antebellum homes, a confederate cemetery, trees and moss and shots that feel 'southern'. It is perfect for historic reenactments, southern living, or a 'Mark Twain' look & feel.

• Volume Three, "Animals" is various zoo animals including Orangutan, Monkey, Geese, Ducks, Chimps, Giraffe and more. Perfect for nature or animal documentaries or children videos.

Each DVD is full of clips and rendered in DV-AVI format, 720x480 29.9fps. All can be cropped to 16:9 if you desire. They are royalty free so you can use them as you wish. The license agreement is on each disc. The clips were shot with a Panasonic™ Proline camcorder by myself.

They are available on My EBay Store now at $49.99 per volume. You get a whole disc full for what most companies charge for a single clip!

I have also prepared a demo video of each volume, you can watch them here:

I'm very excited to bring out these clips! I hope you enjoy the demo videos and if you need stock footage, keep an eye on this blog as I make more available in my store!

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