Thursday, September 25, 2008

MEP Users. What Now?.

With MagixMovie Edit Pro 15, 15 Plus and Video Pro X possibly only a few months away from release in the USA, what should you do now? Wait for one of them or get an editor now? It's a question on many folks minds these days.

Yes, Pro X and 15 plus will be great, but with all the added gadgets it will also be more to learn. Since MEP14+ is not much different I would recommend getting either the free trial or the full software now and start learning it, assuming you haven't already. If you recently bought it you are probably better off because you have had this time to learn the software. If you are waiting with baited breath then you may want to download the trial and start familiarizing yourself with the way it works. The basic engine of all Magix™ Editors is the same. Even MEP 12 is similar to 14 and 14 plus.

Another question that has been asked is if Magix™ will offer some kind of upgrade or price reduction to those who bought the current version when the new versions come out? I cannot answer that, but I believe they have done something like that in the past. Perhaps a coupon or a chance to upgrade would be nice? We will have to wait and see.

As of now the new versions are only out in Germany. The UK will get the first English versions. It takes time to manufacture product, ship it to the USA and stock the shelves of Best Buy™, Circuit City™ and other outlets. And there are thousands of outlets. So even if an English version were to be released today, you will not see it in America or Canada for some time. Translating software and the manual will take time too. The target release date could be longer. I would assume the translations are already in progress since the software is out in Germany, but getting from there to here is still the issue.

I remember when MEP14 Plus came out it was a couple of months before the USA began to get the product and even to this day my local Best Buy™ only carries the regular MEP 14, not 14 Plus. The little advertisement on the right here on my site is the fastest and best way to get it if you can't find it locally.

Pro X will be another matter entirely. This is professional software and not likely to be found at Walmart™. You market pro software differently than consumer or even prosumer software. I bet a major campaign for Pro X will come and they will be targeting video production houses, TV stations and networks. Let's face it, $400 is a bit much for software to play with and make home movies. The average home movie maker can't afford it and probably wouldn't buy it anyway. This is software that will be targeted to businesses and pros.

That will not be easy. Magix™ has laid a firm path of ground to get to this point. MEP14+ is very powerful and "pro" in its own right, but Pro X will be up against Adobe™ Premiere, Final Cut and Avid. The three big contenders in the market. Frankly I believe Pro X will wipe the floor with them. ...but I'm biased.

The software itself is already as good as the "big three" but that is not the issue. The big three have a huge fan base. People swear by their editors and getting them to try, let alone switch to another editor will be like pulling teeth! Rightfully so, most editors have invested a great deal of time and energy into learning their specific software and they will not shift from that knowledge base quickly. Even if Pro X is easier and better. It will take time.

It will also take a great deal of word - of - mouth traffic. As the software gets used, more and more people will be talking about it. They will either expound the virtues of it, or trash it loudly. That will have a major impact on the acceptance of Pro X into the community. I'm sure Magix™ knows this is sink or swim, which explains why they have packed so much punch into Pro X.

Personally I am very glad to see Magix™ take this next and logical step. It's about time. Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus is already there! People just don't know it. In the time I have been featuring Magix™ products on this blog and doing the tutorial show I know of several cases where editors have abandoned their software of choice for MEP. It's that good. I get emails daily from users that tell me horror stories and then salvation when they got MEP. And I understand because I too found that MEP was the best a long time ago. That is why I write these blogs, so maybe I can bring this information to you. Save you some trouble. Keep those emails coming!

And more professionals are taking a closer look at Magix™ editors. The time is right to release a new Pro version, and adding many of the pro features to the next version of Movie Edit Pro is icing on the cake! But don't fret, MEP 14+ and older versions will be around for some time to come. They still work great, will always work great and can do anything you may need them to do. Just because they aren't the newest thing doesn't mean they don't still have some kick in them.

Should you buy MEP14+ now? Sure! Buy it, learn it and use it. Then when you are ready Pro X or MEP 15 will be there. Or you may find that MEP14+ is all you need and just be happy with it like so many others are today. This is a great editor. It's easy to learn, stable, and has professional features. The new versions will just have more stuff. When you have learned the software and want that stuff, you will be able to get it.
Hey, by the time you decide to upgrade MEP 18 may be out! :-D

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