Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movie Edit Pro 15 & Pro X

Looming on the horizon are rumors of a new version of MEP about to surface. They are already out in Germany. Called Video Deluxe 15 Plus this may be the next version of the English version of MEP15 Plus. And if that weren't enough, a Professional version is coming! Video Pro X!

I must admit I am very excited about Video Pro X. I wrote a long letter to the company many months ago suggesting just this thing! Perhaps they took it to heart?

The two new and big features I can gleen from the German ads is that Video Pro X will have a built in video switcher so you can switch between cameras, and a 3D titler. Very exciting stuff! The Key Framer is far better with more controls and just about everything has been ramped up. It will run about $400.00 in the USA. {Mep 15, about $100.00}

MEP 15 Plus (Video Deluxe 15) appears to be a scaled down version of Pro X. The new Pro X allows up to 4 channels of video to be switched and the Video Deluxe only two. But the 3D titler appears to be the same.

The question will be if they make a completely different version in English, or just translate the buttons and the name. Frankly I hate the name "Video Pro X" but at least it's only three words.
Also, if they release a Pro version to the world their tech support will have to be on par with the best out there already. New people will be trying it for the first time and they may have never seen any of the MEP versions.

But imagine having a Editor, Switcher, 3D titler and advanced key framer all in one package!! That is an entire video suite! And the power of Mep14+ then some?!?! Apparently Magix™ is not holding back anything!

All of the above still have the look and feel of Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus, so adapting to them will be easy. For those of us who already know the software the transition to the newer version will be smooth as glass. Newcomers may want to find the many tutorials on the net and become a sponge. My suggestion? Get MEP14+ now and start learning!

Be that as it may, get ready because the word I have is you will see it by the end of the year! And yes if I can get my hands on it I will translate it via tutorials. Have no fear meepers, I will find every button in it. LOL

Here are a couple of videos in German about Pro X. I did not find one on Mep15. You will be able to see the differences. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the Video Pro X version. Does anyone know when the they will release the English version?