Saturday, September 27, 2008

Much On The Horizon

At the behest of many friends and supporters of In The Viewfinder I will be releasing Mastering Movie Edit Pro on DVD soon! There were some technical issues to resolve with transferring the little clips to a larger format but I believe it was a success. I made those little shows for the web and in some cases I used a computer microphone or didn't save it in a large format. Never figured on a DVD release.

So to get MMEP to the big screen many of the episodes were redone. Since I was redoing them anyway I added more content and even added more unpublished shows! Only nine made it to the net, there are 14 in the DVD. I have made them the best I can with the smaller format. Mastering Movie Edit Pro (DVD) should be out within a couple of weeks.

• This brings me to ask, what would you like to see in future episodes? If you have something you would like shown in an episode drop me a comment in the comment section at the bottom of all my articles. I'll try to include it in the next season of Mastering Movie Edit Pro!

With Pro X coming I'll likely be making episodes on using it as well. This time I'll shoot them in high resolution. ;-0 I'm not sure yet if I will also do programs for MEP15. I have been very happy with the response I get from you about the show, and the comments you have made in emails and here about how it has helped you. Thank you for the feedback!

While producing the show I was also preparing several DVDs of stock footage and they are out now. There will be more of that to come too. Look for additional sets of footage with various themes over the next few months. And if that were not enough I continue to write for this blog and administrate the Movie Edit Pro Users Group. You can see it's been a busy time for me.

So that is just a little recap of the past few weeks and what has been going on in my viewfinder. The Movie Edit Pro Users Group is doing well with over 90 subscribers so far, The first wave of stock footage is out and Mastering Movie Edit Pro will be here soon on DVD! If it is successful there will be a volume two, but we shall see about that. I have some ideas to change the format and add more cool stuff. More on that later. I have revamped my business web site too. Whew!

Please be sure to visit my Ebay store and look at the footage, and leave any show ideas for MMEP in the comment section. Have a great weekend and go shoot something!


Broncofan941 said...

Jay, I don't know how you do it. (Yes I do, I saw a post of yours not long ago timestamped at 5:00AM ish). I have really learned a lot from each of your tutorials and I always look forward to more. In the Viewfinder is at the top of my favorites list. Keep up the great work and Thank You! Tim

Jay Michael said...

You are very welcome! I'm glad the tutorials help and you like the blog. I also appreciate the feedback, it helps me to know people actually care about what I'm doing here. :-)