Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Ideas! (Part 1)

It's getting time for Halloween, and now is a great time to stock up on props! Even if you never do a scary video all kinds of cheap props are available now in stores, most on a child's budget. Fake knives, blood, teeth, glasses and all sorts of cool stuff can be found in a local department store or party store.

You'll find great set ideas, plastic items and decorations that will make a good set for any time of the year. I found a movie clapper board just the other day! Stuff you may not be able to find any other time of year is out now and in bunches. Most of it is priced low to sell.

Really cool props can be found in local dollar stores too. Go take a look with video in mind and see what you can find! Doing a crime drama? Plastic guns, handcuffs, knives and an assortment of great ideas are out now. And don't forget costumes! Need a cape or police badge? Maybe a top hat and evil bad guy mustache. Funny wig or some gloves? It's all there.

Right now you can find just about any kind of costume for kids and adults. From a French Maid to a Clown or Gorilla. Usually under $100.00 which is much better than trying to make one or buy online later for much more. And parts like wands, eyelashes, and hair is even cheaper.

And if a horror movie is in your plans, you can find it all! Skulls, masks, bones, swords, bloody everything! Just about any prop or background can be made with the stuff you find cheap in stores now. Plus you will find an assortment of makeup for getting rid of light spots on your talent, to cuts and gashes. You never know when you might need a pimple, scar or some other effect. Get it now to use later! Now is a great time to build a makeup kit!

So plan a trip now to look around your town and visit the stores carrying Halloween items. Think about what you see from the point of view of a video maker. Do you see some stuff you can use later? I bet you do!
Have fun and go shoot something!

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