Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Dog Digital

A few weeks ago I bid on an item on EBay. It said 10 Gigs of Royalty Free Stock Footage! Wow! The DVD was less than 20 bucks so I stabbed BID and won it. For the past few days I've been eagerly awaiting the DVD's to arrive. They came in today. The ad was right, this was a great offer! There are several stock footage clips on the discs, I put together a quick sample here:

But that's not all. The DVD's also contain alpha items, masks, animations, transitions and more! This set is perfect for someone who doesn't have any stock footage and elements or anyone who wants to add to their arsenal!!
This set is put out by Boycalgary of New Dog Digital. You can get the set from New Dog Digital or bid like I did on Ebay. The product is on three DVD's and works great with MEP14+. (In fact, Boycalgary is a MEP user and the instructions on the disc appear to show MEP!)
Here is a list:

There are 3 DVDs containing:
- Over 280 Standard (B&W) video transitions / Animated transitions (NTSC)
- Over 1100 Background images / Photos / Frames / Masks
- Over 150 Sound FX clips/voices + a few bonus songs!
- Over 160 CG Animations
- Over 90 Stock Video clips (shot on 3 CCD DV) NTSC
- Over 150 icon images for CD / web / desktop use
- Video Editing Tutorials
- 1 Demo Video for your DVD player.

You'll find a ton of masks and transitions to play with, some animations and photos too. All royalty free so you can use them in your productions. Many of the CG elements appear to be older but all of the transitions and video is fresh. The set is worth it's price for the stock footage alone, with all the other stuff you are really getting a fantastic kit to enhance your productions.

If you can, pick up this set! It's inexpensive and has tons of things to use! Check out the demo and search Stock Footage on Ebay, or just visit New Dog Digital!
BTW, you save 10% on the DVD's if you buy through my blog with the links above!

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