Sunday, June 29, 2008

Make Money With Your Video

There are several places on the net you can get set up to make money. It varies how you do it so check out each site and read the fine print. But you can make money making video. Depending on what kind of video you make, you can choose from a plethora of sites that will market it. Of course they have to stay in business so their plans are geared for them to make money too. That's ok if you want to make videos and let them handle the distribution, sales, and stuff.
Below is a list of a few places you can make money with your video. Check them out and read their plans carefully. One, or more of them may be the ticket you are looking for!

Revver splits advertising revenue 50/50 with the video's producer. Some ads pay the producer based on how many times a viewer clicks, others pay based on how many times the video is watched.

Once an uploaded video has been seen 20,000 times, the producer starts getting paid, based on hits.

GreenCine Video-on-Demand
Send DVD, they review and may offer a payment plan.

Producers are paid anywhere from $200 to $1000 for a finished short film about a place, business, or product. Must submit audition tape.

Producers set a per-download price.
Payment based on ads at end of video.
Current TV selects a clip to air on its cable channel, it negotiates payment with the creator.
How-To videos: Earn money per view.

Producer sets price after a delivery fee.

These are just a few of the places to check out. Look around the net for more places and revenue outlets. You will probably find plenty more. Be sure to check if you give up the rights to your video and make sure you are getting paid what you think your work is worth too.
In the meantime, it's a great way to have extra cash coming in or even make a full time job of it. :-)

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