Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mastering Movie Edit Pro: Episode Eight; Recording Web Video

Video distribution sites such as UTube are springing up everywhere and many web pages now have some form of streaming video content. In fact it seems a web page isn't a web page unless it has video these days. Much of this video is intended to be viewed while on the site and indeed much of it is copyrighted.
However there are times when you may need to capture video from the web and bring it into your editor. Magix™ Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus has a built in function designed to capture web video cleanly and easily. In this episode we will show you how to use this function and grab video off the web. In fact, this function can grab any video off your screen, even out of Windows™ Media Player.
It's a great tool should you need to pull something off the net and integrate it into your own video productions.

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Great tips. Thanks I'll try using the video capture feature in Magix 14.........Paul