Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movie Tools

Free content of this caliber is hard to find! Movietools offers great backgrounds, virtual sets, lower thirds and more absolutely free. Yes, free! Drop by and sign up, then grab all the free goodies they have! They provide their stock animations in two different formats: WMV (Windows Media) for their backgrounds and MOV (Quicktime) for all animations with alpha channels. Catigories include:
• Christian
• Countdowns
• Energy
• Fantasy
• Hightech
• Music
• News
• Particles
• Sports
• Studios
• Tunnels
• Lower Thirds- Loops
And Motion Objects with Alpha Channel Transparency coming soon! They already have a good selection of backgrounds and are taking requests for favorites! If you need content to dress up your videos, check out! These elements are perfect for UTube videos.

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mantic59 said...

Some decent-looking stuff there. Thanks for the find.