Monday, July 28, 2008

Frustrating Issue Solved

I have been having an issue with getting the files I create on Camstudio to play correctly in MEP14+. I downloaded a codec that MEP will recognize but still has an issue with keeping the files Audio & Video in sync. This does not appear to be an issue with MEP but is something to do with the Camstudio avi.
I like working with Camstudio because it is easy to operate and will move around the screen as I move my mouse and talk.

After working with this problem I found a wonderful way around it. And it was all thanks to MAGIX™ Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus!!!
MEP14+ has a function that allows you to record off the net. You can record anything that will play on your screen. Even a DVD!

The problem I was having was that Camstudio records in it's own proprietary codec (apparently) and MEP cannot recognize that codec. If I convert the file, the audio and video fall out of sync. Not good. LOL Now, I could have some setting messed up but be that as it may, I couldn't get the two to mesh. And for my little show here I needed them to work together.

BUT... it will play fine in Windows Media Player. So I figured out how to beat the codec with MEP14+. And opened up a new opportunity for getting video files into MEP!

It's simple. Just make your screen capture video in Camstudio as you normally would. Then use MEP14+ to record the Windows Media Player when you play back the file Camstudio created.

MEP14+ will record off Windows media player IF you start the MEP14+ recorder first and do not open Windows Media Player until after you have the size box up and you are ready to record. Otherwise you will get an error saying MEP cannot record the file because it is already running.

MEP also captures ALL of the resolution from Windows Media Player too with no resolution loss. The audio and video stay in sync! This will work with any video player.

This also opens up other opportunities too, like being able to import/record files that MEP will not play. If it's in a unusual format MEP does not understand then I can just play it and record it into MEP14+!

Uber Coolness!
I Love This Software!(MEP)

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