Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poll Results

With the poll results in, it would appear we will keep In The Viewfinder its original color, Black!
I was looking over the templates in Blogger last month and considered changing the background to White. But I couldn't decide. I like the Black background but the white was different and it seemed to match many of the photo elements I use on the site.
Thanks to you, my readers I didn't have to make that decision! I want what you want and this poll indicates that the majority want to keep the site black. I agree it makes this video web site look different. Most sites like In The Viewfinder tend to have a white background. With your vote of 6 to 2, it will remain Black.
Thank you for participating in the poll and helping me decide! I will run more polls from time to time so look for them. Till then, we will see black in the viewfinder.

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