Sunday, July 27, 2008

FREE Online Pro Scriptwriting Tool

Working on a script and need to collaborate with others? Or just need a good scriptwriting tool? Then take a look at Zhura! Zhura provides the most advanced online screenwriting software in the industry, plus the ability to connect with writers around the globe. On Zhura you can work on your own projects, work with friends in private groups, or collaborate with other writers in the public community. No more software to download, no more applications to upgrade, no more emailing scripts to yourself to get them on your other computer, and no more printing out hard copies to collaborate with friends.

The Zhura editor allows the entire group to edit a script simultaneously, to leave notes in scripts, and chat online with each other. You can even see exactly what each member has written in the script with the click of a button.

is simply an advanced scriptwriting tool that helps you manage your ideas and scripts. They also perform complete backups every night and give you access to powerful revision control tools. Why install some software that you'll have to upgrade in a year? Why worry about compatibility with your friend's version of software? Why email your script to a group and hope you can figure out what changes the other guys made or whether you're working from the latest version?

Advanced editing tools provide all of the important features you need to produce professionally-formatted scripts with ease. Check out Zhura today!

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NilmaBostonRio said...

Thanks for the advise. I'm check it out.