Monday, June 9, 2008

Now I've gone and done it...

I opened a store. Yep. Merchandising. Oh well...
I opened a Cafepress storefront mainly to make stuff I can buy myself, but you are welcome to pilfer through it too. Like this nifty sign to keep passersby from invading your location shooting.
I have a few shirts in different colors, a clock, coffee mugs - for those long nights editing, and plenty more.
You can open a store too, FREE! Yep, Free. {I like FREE}
Just drop by and follow their easy instructions. Here is the way it works;
Lets say you want to sell a coffee mug with your logo on it. Just create the logo and go open a store. If a coffee mug costs them $5.00 to make, then you set your price at or above that production cost, say $8.00. That means you get $3.00 profit! By setting your price above what it cost for them to make it, you get the profit beyond the cost and they get paid to make it. Both of you win!
A Cafepress store is a great way to promote your company or studio. You can make several things from clothing to stickers. Even signs, CD's and books! Upload all the images you want to use and then set them up on whatever merchandise you select from their vast library. Then you do nothing. They package, print, ship and do everything plus they send you a royalty check for the profit you made. If you are non-profit, or you just don't care to make any money from the store then leave all your products at cost. And if you buy from your own store, you get it at cost anyway.
Cafepress continues to add new merchandise so their inventory is always fresh. I have purchased several items from Cafepress over the years and the quality is fantastic! (I collect coffee mugs) Go take a look at the stuff I have in my store Here. Maybe it will give you some ideas you want to see on a shirt, stein or even calendar. As a free promotional tool you can't beat it. Plus you get some nifty stuff with your favorite subject on it, VIDEO! :-)

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