Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tin Can Video Light

There are a ton of cool ways to make or get creative video gear on the cheap. This has got to be one of the best! In this video goldenpizza shows you how to make a video spotlight from a tin can. Yep, your leftover soup can.
Issues of heat buildup and possible flash point ignition aside, this is one of the best ideas I've seen yet. {see uTube site for comments} Just remember, tin gets hot so don't burn your fingers and don't leave it on too long and burn down your house. If used safely this could be a cheap way to get a good hair-light effect, or burn your hair completely off. LOL Either way...
The video and instructions are straight forward. You need very little in materials and the cost is under $20.00. A quick trip to your Home Mega Store should provide all the stuff you need. I especially liked his way of making the barn doors for the light.
Frankly I'm setting aside a couple of cans to do this with myself. {Have soldering gun, will wreak havoc!} Not just because it is cool, but also because I, like most men, am a pyromaniac at heart. Yes, guys like to take things apart and blow things up. Occasionally we like to make stuff too. It's in our nature and I think it's mentioned in the owner manual. So watch closely and do be careful. Plus keep a fire extinguisher handy. :-)

Video © 2007 Goldenpizza

A low watt bulb or florescent will work too!

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