Sunday, June 8, 2008

IN THE BOX, a New Show Premiering Soon!

Owen McGoogie asked me to produce a theme package for a new TV series he is launching from his blog. The video below is the Intro Theme. I produced the intro and end credits with MEP14+ and Digital Juice elements. The program is called "In The Box" and will feature tutorials for securing your PC against spam, popups, hackers, viruses, trojans and any other threat you may encounter. Owen will show you how to set up software and firewalls to completely lock down your system and keep it running faster and error free.
This guy knows his stuff, he's set my system up with automated security that runs updates and keeps my system clean! I encourage you to bookmark his blog and watch for the new show to premiere soon! {LINK}

In The Box will be a tutorial program similar to Mastering Movie Edit Pro. Owen will show you how to set up Spybot™, Adware™ and more programs so you can get the most out of them. Each episode will feature instructions and explain how to dig deep into the software to maximize it and your PC's performance. Look for IN THE BOX, coming soon HERE!

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Owen McGoogie said...

Thank you J!!! I could not be more pleased with the outcome for the show. I can't wait to launch it, you worked wonders with the killer video!!!