Saturday, June 7, 2008

Learn Videomaking from the Travel Channel Pros

Billed as a "bootcamp" for video the Travel Channel is conducting Videography classes for the masses. You can sign up and get instruction from the pros! {LINK}

Students who sign up for their course will receive:

  • Valuable filmmaking skills that will propel your creative and career ambitions
  • Hands-on training from industry experts with decades of experience teaching the art of storytelling, production and editing
  • Access to Travel Channel executives and staff during and after the course
  • A chance to share your work with millions of viewers on Travel Channel and
  • An opportunity to get paid for your work after course graduation. If your work meets Travel Channels standards and they elect to use it, they will pay you for it.
So why would the Travel Channel offer this kind of instruction? Here is what they have to say.

"Quite simply, fresh new content. The world is a big place and as hard as we try, it is nearly impossible for us to single-handedly cover the globe to bring back the stories that interest Travel Channel viewers. That's where you come in. If we train you in the unique Travel Channel style of story telling, we get an army of trained foot soldiers out gathering amazing content, while you get filmmaking skills that will allow you to go out and capture your stories to share with the world, the potential for mass exposure for your work, the ability to add the Travel Channel brand to your portfolio, and, of course, compensation."

Can this lead to a new job? Today there is enormous demand for video, particularly online. And that demand is only going to grow. With the proper skills you could land a job as a videographer.

Could you work for the Travel Channel?
"There are several different ways for Academy graduates to stay involved with Travel Channel after the course. Graduates work (that meets Travel Channel standards) may be purchased for on-air or online use, graduates may be commissioned to produce work to fulfill specific Travel Channel needs, and/or the select few may be chosen as on-air talent."
Check out their video and web site. This could be your ticket to the big time!
Have questions about the academy?
Email them at or call 1-888-688-0080.

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