Saturday, June 7, 2008

By Request

Now that I have the new web series up and running Mastering Movie Edit Pro can take your "How To" requests. The easiest way to ask a question, make a suggestion or just drop me a line is to use the Comment section below every post. I cannot guarantee you that your question will appear in a future episode but I will try to cover as many inquiries I can. If you have an immediate tech support question contact Magix™.
In future episodes we will cover using Alpha Channels, Green Screen, Key Frames, Audio, Special Effects, DVD Authoring, File Formats, MEP Features, Web Video, and much more.
If you do not yet own MEP let me recommend that you click on the link on the right side of this blog. Under my photo is a link to Magix and a FREE 30 day trial of MEP14+! You can download the trial there. Yes, it's FREE. If you decide to purchase the software then I get a little coin for my trouble. :-)
There is also a wonderful forum site to get answers to your MEP questions Here. And more Here. And Here. Somewhere out there is a MAGIXian who can help you. Also under the HELP section of MEP14+ is a link to the entire MAGIX Community of users. I recommend you join and take advantage of the free stuff Magix gives you, like a web site and album. It's a great way to publish your stuff. In the Help section of MEP14+ you will also find links to more places to get help, a direct chat room for Magix users and video tutorials.
So, you are not on your own.
Enjoy and leave me a comment!

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weedavy69 said...

Hi.. to anyone reading this forum... Aspyrider was right! I downloaded MAGIX MOVIE EDIT 14 PLUS and it's a hundred times better than PINNACLE!Loads more Timelines and effects ...slightly more complex than Pinnacle...but not too expensive ..I bought the download version and it was c£50! Well worth the money!