Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Stock Footage!

Joel Holland with Footage Firm has an idea. It's bold and pioneering but just might be something we all will love. It's a place to upload and download FREE stock footage! This has been a long time coming. The technology to create a stock footage file sharing repository is new and Joel is at the forefront trying to make this happen. See it here.
In order for this to work, and all of us to have the opportunity to find royalty free stock footage for nothing requires that WE participate. The storage facility will not fill up on it's own. He needs you to upload footage! So, this article is something of a call to arms. Bring forth your clips! LOL
If you shoot anything at all then you probably have several clips on tape or disc somewhere that can be used by others. Why not share it? I'm sure there are clips there you can use!
So I'm asking you to take the time to register there and if you can, upload at least one clip. Be it a scene from a wedding, flowers in your front yard, traffic or anything scenic you took on a vacation, just upload something. And then avail yourself of the abundance of FREE motion goodness that is growing in this new field! In time perhaps this site will grow into a massive library we all can have access to! It will if we all pitch in. We have to plant the seeds if we hope to enjoy the harvest!


NilmaBostonRio said...
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NilmaBostonRio said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm gonna check it out.

jason fox said...

That's a great project. It would be really great if we can getStock footage for free.