Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mastering Movie Edit Pro: Episode Three; Extra Extra! - Feature Rich MEP14+

In this episode of Mastering Movie Edit Pro we look at some of the extra features and software within the program. Movieshow Maker, Soundtrack Maker, IClones™ and More! Helping you become familiar with the features available in MEP14+ will prepare you for future episodes whereby we will be using many of these elements. This episode also takes an overview look at the audio programs built into MEP14+. We show you the Mixer, Compressor, and Audio Suite. Programs that come with Magix™ MEP14+, but may be separate software to purchase in other NLE's. MEP is feature rich and we are covering as much as we can in each episode to see it all. If you are considering the purchase of MEP14+ you need to see this and earlier episodes. Plus beginners will benefit from the tutorials too!
This episode runs about 23 minutes so sit back, grab a cup of joe and enjoy as we show you that you too can Master Movie Edit Pro!


Owen McGoogie said...

Awesome! Well done, and the intro was a blast. Verrrry funny stuff dude. :D
Wonderful episode.

NilmaBostonRio said...

I want to try the IClone! in MEP 14+

Nate said...

Very nice video! It's a good start to introduce the different aspects of MEP 14+ before you dive into them. I can't wait for the follow up vids!

kyle said...

I used to be a MEP12 user and now upgraded to MEP14. I am really happy that I found your blog and learning a lot from your tutorials. I do have a question though. Is there a vid effect/filter from MEP14 tha can transform a regular vid into a movie type effect (24p)?

Jay Michael said...

MEP14+ will import 24p but doesn't export it. As for a filter to simulate film, yes. You can get an old silent film effect by going to EFFECTS, VIDEO EFFECTS, STYLES, and selecting silent movie.
You can also get the jitter of film look and the sepia tones and scratchy film look in the combinations.
In One-Click Effects you'll find some movie effects there too. You can simulate the grain of film and such.
Hope that helps!

springhead said...

Excellent. A question if its permitted. I have had a mind block trying to get my own scenes into the iclone newscast wall video. Is there a more comprehensive manual or turorial on this subject? I found iclone web site wanting in this area.

Jay Michael said...

I tried that too, putting my own video in the background. Apparently you can't do it, or at least I never could find a way. So I used MEP to just stick a video over it. :-(

sb158 said...

Just got this program and found your tuts. Beginner here, so I was wondering if the tuts that cover the basics are still up somewhere? I'd love a link if they are.

alfred bien said...

hi jay! one of your vids help he alot at mep14, i just got mep14 yesterday and when i launched it i had no idea how to get started, i just clicked and stared for minutes, i thought i find a tutorial somewhere and i found a post of your that directed me to your blogsite! the video was great, gave mo some idea on how to get started. Sadly i can only photo movie making, i have no equipment for more advanced stuff, just a pc and a mep ahah! but still i just want you know that you helped alot! i might try the other videos when i get the hang of mep, keep up the good work.. thanks dude!