Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bottle Cap Tripod!

Man, I wish I had this thing on a few shoots! Of course I doubt it would hold my Pro camera, but for snapshots this would make them a breeze! Here is where you can get one!
Here's some info:

Just screw your camera onto the universal mount, and then slide the black "cap" onto any standard bottle cap and snap away. Easily removable, super portable and complete with an adjustable 15 degree pivot, the Bottle Cap Tripod is the perfect camera accessory. For secure and effective performance, the Bottle Cap Tripod should only be used with light-weight point-and-click cameras in combination with bottle halfway full or more.

It's made of plastic and metal (Guess that's the screw) and secures to the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera. Now your soda can pull double duty as your portable tripod! But to be fair, this would be more of a monopod. Still, it looks like a handy gadget and wouldn't take up much space in your camera bag. Might wanna get a couple because you know your significant other will steal yours. Or you may forget to remove it and toss it in the trash. Ouch! Yeah, get three! LOL
Here's an idea! Take a two liter bottle and cut the bottom off. Screw this thing on the bottle and slip it over a fence post or any other pole nearby. Instant steady shots! Can you imagine the infomercial for that! :-D

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