Sunday, April 20, 2008

Magix Video Editing Course

Wandering around the net I came across this site that offers a simple course on using Magix Movie Edit Pro. The author is using the 2004 version but most of the information will work with all versions of Movie Edit Pro. You can find the course here. Tutorials include:
Start Editing
•Capturing Video

•Cutting Clips

•Using Scene Recognition to Cut Clip
•Placing Start and End Markers
•Removing Audio From Clip
•Muting Audio in Clip
•Saving a Portion of an Audio Track as a File

•Adding Your Favorite Audio Track to Your Video

•Adding Audio Track from a CD


•Adding Transitions

•Using the Media Pool to Add Transitions


•Adding Titles to Your Video

Output Video

•Burn Your Video to VCD/DVD

The course covers the basics of using Movie Edit Pro. There is also a link to the authors blog that contains good information and plenty of links to useful software downloads. Wander over and check it out! :-D

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