Sunday, April 13, 2008

Magix Movie Edit Pro 12: Using Keyframes

• This is a entry video I did for UTube and JoeHandsome99 showing how to use Keyframes in Magix Movie Edit Pro 12. Joe is running a contest to win Magix Movie Edit Pro 14! I entered the contest with this video. Who knows, maybe I'll win. But you too can use Keyframes with MEP (any version) and get great results. The video is a simple down-and-dirty tutorial of how to do it. Many videographers, including owners of MEP don't know or realize the software will Keyframe. In MEP it's called Object Curves.

I had to point the camera at the monitor to show the technique so please excuse the frame rate flicker. This was a Sunday afternoon quickie I did to get my entry in on time. I will try to find some software online that will screen capture and export it to a media file that I can edit into the tutorials if I do another one.
There are some pre-done keyframes built into MEP 12 under the EFFECTS tab and in the STYLE EFFECTS folder. Just choose any of the CHILL folders to select a pre-made effect. Some of the effects include panning in any direction, panning and rotating, zooming and others. You may want to use a few of these and play with them to get the hang of how Keyframes work.
By the way, Keyframes can be used with audio too!
So enjoy the video and if you have any questions just leave a comment below. Keyframes are awesome and will add life to an otherwise boring static shot or picture.
NOTE: Soon I will try to do more tutorials on Alpha Channels, Keyframing, and more features of this program if time permits.

The term "Object Curves" refers to the curve or angle of the "Rubber Band" line running down the timeline as you select or "Key" specific "Frames" for the effect to begin and end at. You place a "key" on the timeline with the red beginning marker tool.

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