Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding DVD Sleeves

I dropped into our local "Dollar Tree" store last week and came across a real deal. The little CD/DVD envelopes were only a buck apiece so I grabbed some. This is an excellent way to present a wedding DVD or promotional DVD to a client or potential bride.
The sleeve is simple, just a metallic cloth wrapping with a silk bow that Velcros in the back. A sheet of cardboard keeps it shape. I delivered a DVD to a client Saturday and used one. The video was a photo montage to be played during the reception on a loop. {I don't do weddings} It was a nice way to present the DVD and was appreciated when received. A little touch like this can help you land another job down the road, so it's well worth a buck! You never know when you may find something useful for video in an unexpected place like Dollar Tree!
It's not just the wonderful video you produce that can impress a client, it's also the way it's presented. This is a good way to leave a lasting impression. Sure beats the heck out of a paper sleeve! LOL

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Jesse D said...

Thanks for the heads up. I give discs to clients all the time. I use a DiscPainter to make cool color image labels for my discs. These DVD sleeves will only add quality to an already great looking disc. Keep giving us great tips.