Sunday, April 13, 2008

Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Is HERE!

The long awaited MEP 14 is now arriving in stores in America! And hot on it's heels are some new features!:
  • Direct YouTube™ upload
  • Screen capturing feature
  • Support for NextGen consoles
  • 3D real-time animation with iClone 2 SE
  • Optimized scene recognition
  • Online media integration (photos, music, texts)
  • Batch processing for groups of files
  • DVD projects as high-resolution PC shows
Plus it has AVCHD support! (Not many can say that!)

"With MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 PLUS, you receive a powerful tool that supports all of the newest video and disc formats. High-resolution videos from modern AVCHD camcorders can be imported directly, edited, and burned with menus to Blu-ray Disc™. Experience the impressive performance of highly-developed video technology: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 PLUS."

And a ton of other options that make this the most professional version so far. Check out the link above to see the new video and read all about the all new MEP 14.
For those of us who use and relies on this product for our video work this is a major upgrade. I use MEP 12 and have been a very satisfied customer of Magix ever since Video Deluxe 2.0.
Movie Edit Pro (any version) is a great upgrade for the hobbyist and a good alternative to the expensive NLE's on the market. It's easy to use and when you get ready for some real power, it has more than enough to spare. Plus, it's under $100.00!
Of course I will be more interested in the Pro version rather than the Standard version, but that's me. I do use it professionally. {At least I make money using it.} But you should try whichever version you think is best for your needs.
A couple of features I'm looking forward too is the IClone2 SE integration:

"The ideal complement for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 PLUS: With advanced character design and amazingly convincing real-time video effects you can add speaking characters, 3D scenes and cinematic special effects. Turn photos into unbelievably real persons! Even complex movement sequences and choreographed scenes can be easily realized using iClone 2.0 SE."

And the Batch Processing:

"Do you want to process multiple video files into another format in one go? No problem! Mark as many files in a folder as you want with the comfortable batch processing feature and start conversion. The selected videos will be converted into the desired format completely automatically one after the other. This way, you'll have more time left for watching!"

I think batch processing will save time. And I'd like to see what IClone can do.
Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 should be showing up in a store near you if not now, then soon. So be on the lookout for it!

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Paul said...

Regarding using AVCHD camcorders with 14MEPplus I found this where someone did it.''

I downloaded the 128MB "SANYO Xacti HD1000 - Large.m4v"
The Clarks "Better Off Without You" music video; from the link you
provided. It's playing great in MPC using the CoreAVC decoder.
It loaded very quickly into Magix MEP 14+ and appears to be
quite editable. (There was some weird artifacts on the timeline
thumbnail display, at the beginning and end, but it doesn't appear to
effect the edited video.) It loaded using the Directshow AVI
import module, according to the properties info. MPC describes it
as a Quicktime video, but used regular .mp4 filters to play it.

If that camera was actually used to make that music video, I'm
quite impressed.

I guess MEP will handle the avchd code well!