Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everybody has a Story to Tell!

Everybody has a Story to Tell!
by Earl C. Chessher

One of the most broadly observed realities of life provides an excellent opportunity for experienced independent professional video services providers, and video enthusiasts just starting out, to develop a whole new simple, unique and profitable arm of their video business.

That reality? Everybody has a story to tell!
People wanting to preserve and share their memories and stories are one of the two most under-served video production markets open to the full range of videographers from beginner to ultra-experienced. The second market? Funerals and memorials, but that’s a different story.

While documentary productions and even the occasional storytelling session around the campfire, at the holiday party or during a family reunion have enjoyed a small degree of focus by independent videographers, and even hobbyists, few make these their primary business focus.

This has left the doors wide open for establishment of a worldwide program for video branding and marketing focused on helping people of all ages, races and nationality preserve and share their stories and memories. Such a program now exists and not only does it provide an affordable specialized service, it offers videographers the world over a way to effectively serve this huge niche market.

One recent newcomer to Video StoryTellers!™ asked: “What’s to keep anybody from bagging on the program concept and doing their own thing?” The answer is “nothing.” But, nowhere in the independent video production industry does there exist another program that brings people interested in people under a central brand and approach with mutual support and the backup resources to establish a successful marketing strategy.

So, if you have an interest in any of the documentary aspects of video production, be it full-scale personal documentaries, historical documentaries, mini-documentaries or short story compilations for individuals, families or social groups, clubs and organizations, there is a way to reach beyond your present marketing limits.

Diversification has become another reality for the independent videographer.

With the current state of the economy not only in the U.S.A. but worldwide, it has become difficult, if not impossible to specialize in one video production genre. Wedding video production comes to mind.

Rather than compete in a virtually saturated video market where some potential clients do want video and others have to be sold on the idea; where still others have no desire for such services, it’s a great idea for all of us to have more than one tool in our marketing bag.

One decent quality microphone, even a hand-held, less than $100 worth of lighting, a sturdy tripod and relatively new consumer camcorder with the ability to accept external mic input is the base for establishing yourself as a Video StoryTellers!™ associate.

A genuine interest in people, their lives, what interests them and the stories they love to share is the other ingredient. Oh, and a desire to grow a video business segment that will make you money.

Other than a small investment to participate, the minimal equipment and personal attitude mentioned above, and a willingness to work the program, there is not one element of being a Video StoryTellers!™ associate that cannot be easily achieved by anyone wanting to expand their video business horizons.

What is Video StoryTellers!™?
People get together, share and tell stories that are professionally recorded with proper light and audio, and it doesn’t cost them much more than a meal for two. The videographer, on the other hand, spends a little time getting it right, sells copies and additional services and finds work just about any day of the week he or she wants!

Earl Chessher is the principal founder of Video StoryTellers!™. You can visit the website at www.videostorytellers.com, also Jay Michael is the Mississippi VST associate, and will be glad to discuss the program with any interested videographer. You may also find Video Storytellers on Facebook, search "Video Story tellers".

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