Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoulder Shooter For Steady Shots!

Getting good steady hand-held shots with a small camcorder is practically impossible. Newsmen have long coveted the shoulder mounted larger cameras for this reason. Resting on your shoulder the camera is easier to hold and work with. There are several shoulder mounts for your camcorder, one of the best is the Shoulder Shooter.

Made of durable PVC this unit is built sturdy and will hold a camera up to 10 pounds. It has a cushy shoulder pad for comfort and foam grips to ease hand fatigue. And it only weighs about one pound. Mounting your camera is simple, just place the camera on the center pad and screw the camera on with the rubber coated thumb screw located on the bottom. The camera will grip the pad and not move or slide on the base.

Once your camera is attached you can hold it firmly with the two hand grips and get smooth pans, tilts, angles and even walk or move with the camera in place. By holding the grips and the camera support resting on your shoulder you have three points of stability keeping your camera steady.

To pan simply point the camera where you want the shot to end, pan away and pan back smoothly, holding the shot level and balanced. The Shoulder Shooter is excellent for "run and gun" shooting such as sporting events and any action shots.

Many amateurs tend to hold the camera with one hand and the flip-out viewfinder with the other. The viewfinder on your camera is not a load bearing component and some shooters have broken or snapped off the viewfinder in a rush. Plus by holding the camera in this way you are attempting to counter balance the camera and this can cause your shots to wave or tilt as you try to hold a steady shot, transferring movement to the camera. The Shoulder Shooter takes your hands off the camera and onto the handles where you have a good grip and less chance of delivering direct movement to the camera.

Holding the Shoulder Shooter close causes your elbows to rest against your body adding even more stability.

Your body becomes a human tripod.

Moving from the waist rather than the wrist will smooth out your shots and allow you to shoot more relaxed, but maintain control over the camera.

Shoulder Shooters are hand crafted and built upon purchase for each user. At only $59.95 it's a steal for a good quality shoulder support system. It comes in gloss black and is ready to use out of the box. There is nothing to assemble. Perfect for Sporting Events, Weddings, Home Movies, or Professional Videography! Shipping is via Fedex within the USA and USPS for international customers.

If you need a good but inexpensive way to get steady shots check out the Shoulder Shooter! On the page you can see video of the shooter in action and shots from it. Plus the FAQ page will answer most of your questions. Using a Shoulder Shooter is a great way to get steady professional shots!

Find more videos like this on the Shoulder Shooter Web Site

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