Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spirit Of Christmas Video Contest!

It's Here!
The first IN THE VIEWFINDER Video Contest! This is your opportunity to WIN one of three exciting prize packages! All you have to do is shoot holiday footage this Christmas and make a video around the theme "The Spirit Of Christmas", then upload it via UTube as a response to the contest promo on our new IN THE VIEWFINDER UTube Channel!


Along with each video editor you'll get footage & animations to work with! The Grand Prize includes Magix Video Pro X Professional Video Editing Software and Magix Photo & Videoshow Holiday Pack plus four great DVDs full of wonderful footage!

Second and Third place feature Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus and Magix Movie Edit Pro 15, respectively.

All prize packages come with
New Dog Digital's
Wedding Graphics Kit,
MeccaVideo's Lakes & Wetlands Stock Footage Disc Volume One,
A Heart To Witness stock footage DVD, Living Water Volume One
and the Animals Stock Footage DVD Volume Three from JML Multimedia!

You'll have tons of material to work with from all of the DVDs that are included with your editor!

To enter simply make a video over the Christmas holiday and tell a story with the theme, "The Spirit Of Christmas!" Upload the video as a response to our promo on UTube before January 15th, 2010 and we will announce the winner here on In The Viewfinder!

Contest is open to all readers of In The Viewfinder, all members of the Movie Edit Pro Users group and the entire planet!

Special Thanks to the Magix™ Corporation for making these fine editors available to us to give away! And to the fantastic producers who contributed stock footage and animations!!

Start making your masterpiece now! Upload your video to our Youtube channel here!

Contest sponsored by: In The Viewfinder & The Movie Edit Pro Users Group!

View the complete Rules & Regulations by clicking on Comments below:


Jay Michael said...

Rules and Regulations;
To Enter:

Create a video with the theme, "The Spirit of Christmas".

The video must tell a story. It can be religious, funny or heart warming.
Capture the Spirit Of Christmas and entertain us with your masterpiece! Touch our hearts, make us laugh or deliver a serious production!
Quality of editing, visuals, effects, audio, and entertainment value are important and will be considered during judging. You may use any video editor or software to create your show.

The video should be no longer than 10 minutes and a single clip entry. (as per UTube 10 minute rule per clip)

One video per person or group. If you enter a group effort, select one person for prize consideration.

Videos must be uploaded as a Video Response to our Promo on UTube.

All video in your creation should be fresh as of the 2009 holiday season and produced within the contest time frame.
(November 25, 2009 - January 15, 2010) No recycled videos.

Title your production, "The Spirit Of Christmas - YOUR SHOW NAME" Whereas "your show name" is the name of your program.

No adult material, nudity, profanity or videos of a sexual nature will be accepted.

Follow You Tube's content guidelines when uploading your video response.

Use of copy written material is prohibited. Your video should be original.
Royalty free music & footage plus public domain footage is acceptable.

No commercial endorsements or product placement videos.

Contest is open to anyone 18 years old or older.

Deadline is January 15th, 2010 at twelve midnight central time, USA.
Winners will be announced the week of January 17th, 2010 on In The Viewfinder. {}
And The Movie Edit Pro Users Group {}

Contest entry videos must be selected to "allow embedding" when uploaded. {So we can embed the winning videos here on In The Viewfinder} Thus, all winning videos must remain on UTube for at least 6 months after the contest is over.

Winning video producers will be asked to write a short biography about themselves for the article that will promote and announce the winning participants on In The Viewfinder. A single paragraph will suffice. Readers will want to know, "Who made that cool video?"

You do not have to be a member of the Movie Edit Pro Users Group to enter. Contest is open to anyone worldwide.

Though you are free to edit and produce your video on a Mac, keep in mind this software runs on a PC.

Special Thanks to MAGIX™ for making these fantastic editors available to ITV to give away! Please Patronize Our Sponsors who contributed prizes!

Magix Video Pro X is a $299.99 value.
Magix Photo & Videoshow HOLIDAY PACK is $39.99
Bill Mecca's Lakes & Wetlands DVD is $19.95
A Heart To Witness Living Water DVD is $30.00
New Dog Digital Wedding Graphics Kit DVD is $9.50
JML Multimedia Animals DVD is $10.00

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 is $49.99
Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus is $89.99

Total value of all prizes: $549.41

Prizes will be shipped via United States Postal Service, lowest rate possible and may take weeks to arrive at an International destination. Allow time for delivery. Prizes cannot be tracked via USPS outside the USA.
Prizes will be shipped promptly from ITV, not Magix.
Winners will be contacted by ITV with a email address provided after the contest winners are announced. We will request your shipping information through your UTube channel inbox.

Judging will be conducted by Jay Michael, blog author of In The Viewfinder.

Alan said...

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