Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo & Videoshow HOLIDAY PACK Review

Magix has the ideal companion for your holiday slide shows and videos! It's called the Photo & Video Holiday Pack and it's available here.

This DVD is chock full of great elements you can use in your video presentations! There are over 6 gigs of premium templates and media for slideshows and videos. Such as;

• DVD Menus & Backgrounds
• Music & Sound Effects
• Exclusive Start & End credits
• Decorative Elements & Animations

DVD menu examples include: Summer meadow, mountains, summer, water, beach, snow, desert, and much more.

Start & End credits like: the globe, summer, winter, at home, airport, diving, and other motifs to structure your stories.

Ornamental decorative elements and animations enrich your photos and videos in an entertaining way: Snowman, ice crystal, sun, rainbow, airplane, and many more motifs you can easily add to any scene you want. Perfect to keyframe around your screen!

Fantastic lower thirds include: Desert wind, water, summer meadow, passenger jet, postcard, and much more.

National anthems such as: United States, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and more.

Audio landscapes with atmospheric natural effects, animal sounds, and many more typical sounds: Underwater, city, farm, forest, and much more.

Flags of numerous countries and other applications like background clips round off this special Holiday Pack. Plus stock footage in SD & HD formats!

When you install the DVD, the elements plug right into Movie Edit Pro, Video Pro X and other Magix editors & software. Or you can just use them off the DVD. Many of the elements can be used with non - Magix editors too! However the menus and lower thirds appear to be Magix exclusive. You can read the product PDF here.

I purchased this a few days ago and I have found the music is fantastic! The video below includes a segment of "San Francisco", one of the cuts on the DVD.
This is a great companion for vacation videos and summer fun with some winter elements as well. The graphics are bright and attractive!
The product is geared more toward family videos and vacation outings but you will find some professional elements in here you can use as well. Plus all the music!

There are several DVD menus I know I will use and there are others that would make for a great child's home movie or party. This thing screams family fun! The whole pack will be a great addition for your home movies. You can dress up Utube videos and add a pro touch to your camcorder adventures too. Use it for Christmas and year around!

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of more stock footage in the pack, however the clips that are included on the DVD are very useful. I was very impressed with the variety of music and the flags. There are a few elements I personally considered cheesy but they are outweighed by the other material I know will get used. Overall it is a good value for the stuff you get.

The DVD is available from MAGIX for $39.99. It's 6 gigs of graphic goodness! Grab yours today!

Purchase the Photo & VideoShow HOLIDAY PACK from MAGIX!

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