Friday, April 3, 2009

Thinking is the Best Way To Travel

This is a video I produced back in the 1980's using VHS equipment. You will notice color rainbows in it due to age, and the ribbons are an artifact of "insert editing". Back then we used tape and did 'assembly editing" or "insert editing", Non linear editing didn't exist. It was all linear.

Anyway, this video was a concept of showing evolution and how man has come up through time to a technological age, and beyond. No matter what we invent, "Thinking' is the best way to Travel". Our imagination is key to our survival and it will take us beyond the physical and to worlds as yet undiscovered.

Looking back on some old videos I remembered this one and wanted to share it. I think it runs about 14 minutes. Long before Ewe-Tube and the Internet video revolution I was making little music videos like this in the 1980's for myself and friends. You see tons of this kind of stuff now, but back then it was rare.

Most of the footage is public domain or stock, but I did use clips from Star Trek and a couple of movies. The music is The Moody Blues, one of the best bands ever (IMHO). The concept of this video was to do a sort of Out-Of_Body travel through time. Thinking IS the best way to travel! In your imagination you can go anywhere and do anything.

Video is an extension of that, being able to tell a story through visuals and sound. You create realities and take the viewer to them. So sit back, grab some pop corn and watch as I take you on an imaginary journey from creation to worlds beyond...

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Broncofan941 said...

Extremely creative video, Jay. And well put together considering the limitations of the technology back then. It was also a good story and very interesting to watch. Thanks.

Jay Michael said...

Thank You! I enjoyed doing it back then even though it was much harder than today. I have a few of those old videos I'm still proud of. ;-)