Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter This Twitter That.

I added a RSS feed to my Twitter page, it's over on the top of the blue panel on the right. When I first explored Twitter I really didn't see the point. Much like Facebook. But I must admit I do pop over there to see what people are doing. And before I knew it, I was twittering.

Is there a point to this? Well I guess if you want to follow what another person is doing then yes. It's also a way to vent and to update friends or even peers on your day to day, or moment to moment activities.

Kinda like passing notes in class. LOL But on a more worldwide scale. Sometimes you just want to tell someone what you experienced or what kind of day you are having. Or even pass a url or info around. So I guess Twittering is good.

Last night while watching "Long Way Round", a documentary where Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman ride motorcycles around the world, I thought I'd see what Charlie was up to. I added him to my Twitter and found out about a new project he is involved in and the upcoming sequal to "Long Way Down", which will be called "Long Way Up." This will be the third show featuring these guys on bikes touring the world. I've seen both of the shows so far and I follow this series.
Last night I was watching 'Long Way Round' for about the third time.

It combines my three passions, Motorcycles, camping and Video! So yea, I'm a huge fan of the "Long Way" series!

But, back to Twitter. I can see where this would be useful, if not entertaining. I'm not sure if anyone cares what I'm up to but you are welcome to follow my twitters. I find it interesting to see others pages, and to drop a line now and then on mine.

Kinda wish you could Twitter a video now and then. Maybe a Twitter for web cams? Who knows. Anyway, I added a feed here in case you are interested. I'll twitter when I can. :-D

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