Friday, April 17, 2009

One Year of Tracking and Going Strong!

In November 2007 I started this blog, but I didn't start tracking visitors till one year ago this month. I have to say I'm very proud how much this site has grown!
I was looking at some of the charts in the tracking data and noticed how the numbers have climbed over the months.

Here is 2008:

Here is 2009:

I just wanted to drop a note here to you, my readers and viewers and say Thank You for supporting this site and visiting often. Your visits here mean a lot to me and I'm very glad you are here. You can see by the charts above we have had many new visitors and return visits since last year this time.

I guess I must be doing something right! LOL. I do need to post more though. At In The Viewfinder I try to bring you great D.I.Y. projects, video production news, interesting videos and maybe a bit of advice now and then. Plus you can follow this blog or follow me on Twitter. If you are a Movie Edit Pro user I also have the MEP Users group for you. And there are tutorials, useful elements and stock footage here too.

There is tons to see and do here at In The Viewfinder! Thank you again for visiting and be sure to bookmark the site and come back often. I have even more in store for the future!
I'll see you there, In the viewfinder. ;-)

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