Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Videopia: The Book

D. Eric Franks is probably one of the leading Tech guys on the net that can explain tons of video jargon in the most simple ways. You may know him from the Tech Know video series on Digital Juice. Eric has now taken much of his vast knowledge and written a wonderful book!

Videopia: Video Production for the Internet Revolution is available now in both paperback ($29.98) and electronic editions ($9.99). The book spans a dense 235 pages and is lavishly illustrated, covering topics from scriptwriting and storyboarding through gear, lighting, editing, chromakeying, the Film Look, microphones, sound effects, audio post and all the way to rendering HD video for the Internet, the U.S. Constitution and copyright law. In other words, this book covers it all.

Eric is a great guy and a fantastic teacher. He was the Technical Editor for Videomaker magazine and Director of Education for Digital Juice. A good friend and peer in the video industry, D. Eric Franks is a veteran of the digital video revolution. I have learned so much from him and I know you will too.

This book is a "must have" for the video producer. Its chock full of answers to common questions and contains a wealth of experience from a real pro in the business. So do yourself a favor and get it. You can buy a paperback or download it, either way you will be getting advice from one of the best in the business! Check it out here!

Here is an episode of Tech Know for you to enjoy:

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