Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mastering Movie Edit Pro Episode #11: Make Transparent Lower Thirds With Photoshop

Episode #11 of Mastering Movie Edit Pro! In this episode I show you how you can make transparent elements for Movie Edit Pro such as Lower Thirds, Bugs, Overlays and such.

This episode teaches how to make the transparent tif file. Of course you will need Photoshop™ to make these. I'm using Photoshop 7 for this tutorial. I'm sure you can do this in other paint software packages but the procedure would be different. The procedure should be the same for Photoshop™ Elements, but I can't verify that as I don't own Elements.

Photoshop™ is an expensive program though. You may want to explore other design software packages and try it with those.

If you would like something designed for you I can do it, just contact me via the comment section below for pricing.

Here is the tutorial:

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Enjoy the episode and visit often for more!

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Jay Michael said...

You can also save as PNG files instead of Tiff for great results!
-Jay Michael