Monday, December 29, 2008

Using Video To Market Your Business

This is a test. If this were an actual marketing plan I'd have plenty of numbers, charts and other statistics to prove this will work. This is only a test.
But what the heck, I'll give it a try! LOL

Problem: Getting good clear video on your web site without all the annotations, search boxes and other stuff Utube adds to their uploads. Quality better than Utube and nothing to link away from your site.

Extras: Branded video with your logo. A place to put video then embed it on your site wherever you want. A place to upload photos and feed them back to your business site. Plus a virtual place customers can come into your business and look around, like a real store or building, but more like a giant interactive billboard.

Concern: You have no clue how to do any of this stuff!

So let me tell you what I did. I had downloaded a FLV player to stream video on my site. It worked but it had issues with different operating systems. Meaning some visitors could see the videos and some just got an error. Plus I had to upload large video files into my site and set them up to stream to the player which took up space and bandwidth. Not hard for me, but a nightmare for someone who had no clue how to do it.

I also run a successful community on The Movie Edit Pro Users Group. I enjoyed how Ning has the community set up. You can upload video and it converts it, then take a bit of code and embed it anywhere, just like Utube. You can brand your videos with your logo and even resize them. Plus I know how to change the embed code links.

Problem solved. I created a free ning community for my business site. I set it up where it functions more like a video storage site rather than a community, but if anyone visits it there are things to see. Ning gives 10 gigs of free video storage. No ads, no messy video links back to Utube or someone's stupid cat videos. Clean high quality video feeds.

I get a video storage site to feed back to my business site. No bandwidth issues and even a place visitors can go see, read and get info on the company. I even set up eBay links to buy products directly from the site. I can upload sale or promo videos then embed them easily on any of my other web properties.

I am still working on it but so far it works great! And I'm discovering new ways to expand it.
I can show you how to use innovative ways to bring the power of video to your site too! There are tons of ways to work the web in your favor and you are helping the other sites too with traffic. Don't underestimate the power and performance a good video can have on your business site!

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