Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Great Video Tip Sites

If you have explored In The Viewfinder you have found many gems related to video production. I'd like to focus your attention on two links I have here.
One is EC Come EC Go, the other is Video Production Tips.

Lets start with EC Come EC Go, a blog by Earl Chessher. Earl is a 30-year veteran journalist, publisher, writer and photojournalist with 20-years experience in graphics/layout/typography and marketing plus a 18-year veteran wedding, event and commercial/corporate video producer. He is a wealth of video experience.

With a penchant for marketing, Earl dispenses wonderful advice and marketing ideas on his blog. Great ways to market your video business and keep busy in a fluctuating market. He will show you bold ways to step up and claim the dollar your talent and creativity deserves.

The next gem is Video Production Tips. Created by Lorraine Grula, the Internet Video Gal. Video Production Tips is a site dedicated to helping you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to produce your own web videos. All of the advice is free!

Lorraine has 30 years experience in video production and is a well-respected professional working primarily in the Nashville, Tennessee Video and TV News market, Lorraine's spent her life in the field creating video stories on every subject imaginable. On her site she teaches quick, down-and-dirty video production that looks like it took forever and cost a fortune, but didn't.
Now she runs her web sites and offers her lifetime of experience to video producers worldwide. Check out her free newsletter!

Two fantastic resources you will find on the net! Digital video professionals willing to take their time to educate and share production experiences. Take advantage of the knowledge tucked away in the corners of the internet. Knowledge is the best video tool you will ever own.

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