Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Time To Grab MMEP Before Christmas!

You still have time to get Volume One and Volume Two of Mastering Movie Edit Pro on DVD and have it delivered before Christmas! They make a great Christmas gift for the Spielberg in your life, or you if you are an aspiring movie mogul.

These tutorials will help the beginner get up to speed with the software and the seasoned pro learn some new tricks. In both volumes I show you how to perform specific functions with Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus and show you tips and tricks to make better videos.
Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14+
Volume One covers tips and tricks as well as the basics, Volume Two zones in on special effects and provides you with elements to make great looking effects for your movies!

Plus Volume Three is currently in production and will be released in a few weeks! You can start your collection now and get ahead of the curve on video editing with MEP14+!

If you need to learn how to use Movie Edit Pro and unleash the full power of the software, this series is what you need! Order today! :D


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Jay Michael said...

I added you to my links, you may also want to "follow this blog" on In The Viewfinder! :-)