Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free Video Overlays for In The Viewfinder Readers!

These are a package of FREE Overlays you can use on your videos! They are 720x480, TIF format with gradient and transparent images. You can use them to add spice to your videos, create titles, frame a subject or just to throw in a little splash. Use this link to download them (Click Here)
Just drop them on the timeline under your video clip in Movie Edit Pro and adjust them in Video Effects. You probably will need no adjusting, they are set to overlay perfectly. You can use them royalty free on any production. Great for home movies or web sites!
Here is an example of how you can use them:
Overlays will work with any editor with Alpha Channel capabilities.

If you grab these, please "Follow My Blog" with the link to the right and enjoy them!


Pastor Prince said...

Thank you for helping the amateurs! We need all the help we can get. I did click the link to follow. I was contemplating getting Adobe to replace Magix, but now that I've connected with this blog, I won't have to!!!!!!!

P.S. --- I am really going to be bugging you!!LOL!

Jay Michael said...

Thank you so very much for the kind reply! I need to get you in touch with Pastor Aminita at the Movie Edit Pro Users group, she uses MEP to develop her Christian network. :-)

Pastor Prince said...

Thx for the tip, but I tried that previously unsuccessfully. Please e-mail me.

Jay Michael said...

ou can find her here too: